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You can use any of the photographs in the galleries linked to below if you ask for a permission first. You can use the e-mail address above to contact me.


Some of my better photographs from the Middle East are also collected in a Flickr photoset.

Tour of the Alps, July 2015
A week and a half in Bormio, Italy, and later in Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, France, including cycling, city trips and overeating
Bormio, August 2014
a week in Bormio, Italy, by the border of Switzerland, including mostly cycling and bad eating habits
Kazakhstan, June 2012
a set of photographs from a business trip to Almaty, the greatest city of the glorious nation of Kazakhstan
Namibia and Botswana, September 2010
We did a two-and-a-half week tour of Namibia and Botswana with my girlfriend, twin brother and two other friends. We flew via London and Johannesburg to Windhoek and a rented 4x4. First we drove south to Fish River Canyon, then northwest through the Namib-Naukluft national park to Swakopmund and the Skeleton Coast. From the Atlantic coast we turned eastwards to the Etosha national park and the start of the Caprivi strip, from where we crossed the border to Botswana and spent a few nice days in the Okavango delta.
Yemen, February 2009
I went to a two-week holiday in Yemen, the southernmost and most historic part of the Arabian peninsula, with my girlfriend and two friends. We spent a week in the capital Sana'a and another week on the road in the western mountains and the coasts of Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.
Namibia, April/May 2008
I spent a total of five weeks working in the capital Windhoek, but the photographs are mostly from weekends and outside the capital.
New York City, January 2008
a brief, busy trip to the Big Apple
The Basque Country, October 2007
This was a short business trip to San Sebastián, but fortunately I was blessed with a couple of extra days in one of the more beautiful regions of Europe.
Oman, January/February 2007
These are from a nine-day holiday to Oman with my girlfriend. We spent four days in Muscat and another five travelling around the northern parts of the country on our own.
Saudi Arabia, December 2006
Ireland, September 2006
from Dublin and its surroundings
Oman, December 2005
an extended weekend mostly in the capital Muscat, as I happened to be in the region
Tour of the Alps, August 2005
These are from a two-and-a-half-week holiday to Austria, Slovenia and Italy. We primarily got around by car, but I also covered about a thousand kilometers on a bicycle, and many of the photographs are from those rides.
Qatar, 2004-2006
These are mostly from the capital city, Doha, which I visited five times on business between November 2004 and March 2006.


Jimi Tenor and Tony Allen
Live at the World Village Festival 2011 in Helsinki, Finland - Tony Allen, the former band leader of Fela Kuti, was strong as ever behind the drum kit at the age of 70.
PuistoBlues 2010
In Järvenpää, Finland, featuring Eddie Cotton and his band and most importantly - ZZ Top!


TS-Kortteliajot 2015
VPCX Herttoniemi 2014
Cyclocross Varjo-SM 2014
Cyclocross Varjo-SM 2013
TS-Kortteliajot 2007
SM-Cyclocross 2006
XC Scandinavian Championships 2006
TS-Kortteliajot 2006


WRC Rally Finland 2003
shot on film, scanned with a film scanner
WRC Rally Finland 2002
film again, poor scans
United States Grand Prix in Indianapolis, September 2000
waiting to be rescanned from slides, hopefully here soon